#connect23 - working together to build a digitally confident and inclusive Scotland

By Siobhan Mercer on 7th Mar 2023

Amazing and inspiring digital transformation work has been happening all over Scotland for years. Interest in digital transformation escalated during the pandemic. More people wanted to be online and more organisations recognised the importance of having digital solutions. Digital transformation took a rapid leap forward, especially within the voluntary sector.

"This device really has been a lifeline for one of my vulnerable clients and has help keep him alive in my opinion." - Mark Dewar, Apex Scotland

"Digital channels offer so much in terms of availability and accessibility and we recognise there is tremendous potential in this space." - Jamie Trout, Simon Community

The problems

Sadly 800,000 people in Scotland still don’t have any digital skills. This is a huge problem when many of our everyday life services are now only accessible online.

Most jobs require some form of digital skill, and many jobs include hybrid or remote work. Without digital skills the inequity between the digitally included and the digitally excluded will continue to grow. Many organisations are also facing a digital skills shortage in their workforce.

620,000 people in Scotland were experiencing data poverty in January 2021. The cost of living crisis is now escalating this issue as people give up access to connectivity by cancelling broadband contracts, or switch off devices, routers and mi-fi to save electricity.

The solutions

It is vital that we continue to work together to tackle digital inequity. Embedding good digital transformation involves a two-pronged approach of digital evolution and digital inclusion. Digital evolution is using digital to help organisations. Digital inclusion is using digital to help people.

"It does take time to introduce systems but when they’re in place they are a huge benefit." - Jillian Milne, MindSpace

"My daughter can now do her homework easily without the hassle of downloading homework from a mobile phone which was a great difficulty." - Gillian, who received a device from the Connecting Scotland programme


SCVO’s digital team are running a series of events, called #connect23. These events will bring people together to connect and explore Scotland’s digital landscape and share digital good practice. Through collaboration and co-production of future-proof solutions digital transformation can become sustainably embedded and inclusive.

Our #connect23 events are aimed at people who have an interest in, or who are actively working in, digital inclusion and digital evolution. They are particularly relevant to people interested in building relationships, discovering new partnership opportunities, and working together to make change happen for individuals and organisations.

connect 23 is all about Collaboration, Opportunities, Navigation, Networking, Evolution, Community, Technology. Find out more in this short video.

Join us to be part of a sustainable movement to build a digitally confident and inclusive Scotland.

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