Go inside the mind of a hacker...

By Alison Stone (Third Sector Cyber Resilience Coordinator, Scottish Business Resilience Centre) on 21st Jan 2020

True confession time – as you would expect from someone working in the field of cybersecurity, I find the whole “industry” a fascinating minefield – the slightly shady criminal aspects, the big talk of nation state threats to critical national infrastructure, even what can be done with the information we willingly share when we update our status on Facebook... it is possible that I have been spending too much time watching CSI, but this stuff is seriously entertaining (and a little concerning!)

Anyone who shares this curiosity should join the Digital Team at the SVCO annual conference, The Gathering, at 11.15am on Wednesday 19th February, when we have the opportunity to hear from the darker side of the web with a presentation by one of the founders and now ex-member of the hacktivist group, Anonymous.

Mike Jones (not an alias) as he is called on LinkedIn or ‘sting3r’  as he is called in Hacker-land is going to spend an hour sharing his experiences of living and working on the dark web and how he has decided to turn his back on the shady side of town. 

Mike tells a good story – we will learn about the philosophy behind Anonymous; how you become a member of Anonymous (spoiler: you stand up and stake your claim!) and how he much prefers life on the sunny side of the street. 

Come prepared with questions – it's not every day we have chance to quiz someone who is quite at home amongst the cast of NCIS!

For further details, contact Alison Stone, Cyber Resilience Coordinator, SCVO.